This Mind-Blowing Fact About T.I. Will Make You Love Him Even More

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T.I. is known for his rapping talent and being the “King of the South”, but there is something that a lot of people don’t know about him. Something pretty amazing.

You say T.I. is an incredible rapper and he doesn’t need anything else to make him awesome? Well, you’re about to find out why T.I. just might be one of the coolest guys that ever lived.

Ready to find out what it is?

Here ya go:

T.I. has saved two people from suicide. That’s right. And one of them was the lead singer of Creed!

So what exactly happened, and how did T.I. find himself in these situations? Keep reading!

The first time

The first known instance of T.I. saving a suicidal man’s life happened in 2010, when T.I. heard that a man nearby was getting ready to jump off a building rooftop in Atlanta. T.I. met with police and “recorded a video message that the police then showed to the man on the ledge”, according to Rolling Stone.

The man came off the ledge and met T.I. in the building’s lobby where T.I. got a few minutes to talk to the man in person.

The man came off the ledge and met T.I. in the building’s lobby

The second time

Scott Stapp, the lead singer of the band Creed, once jumped off the balcony of his hotel room after a drug binge and lack of sleep.

The fall caused serious injuries, and it was T.I. nearby that happened to show up just in time to save his life. Amazingly, T.I. and Scott Stapp had actually met years before, when they worked together on a soundtrack.

“He immediately took care of the situation and saved my life.”

– Scott Stapp, as reported by

Apparently T.I. is some kind of miraculous hero that has an knack for saving people’s lives when he’s not spitting hot fire on his latest track.

The world needs more T.I.s!

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