The 10 Things You See on Every Northwest Hike

Photo: Nigel Davies

When the weather gets nice, or even when it doesn’t, people in the Pacific Northwest can be found trailblazing the myriad mountainous hiking spots that make up Western Washington.

And no matter what hike is your favorite, you’re bound to see a few things that remind you that you’re on a NW trail. Here are the ten things you see on every Northwest hike:

1. The little footbridge(1)
They can be slippery…
2. Waterfalls(1)
Original image: Ross
Of all shapes and sizes!
3. Copy of The little footbridge(1)
What an adventure!
4. Pack mule dog(1)
Original image: Rhona-Mae Arca
The real reason to bring your dog…
5. Kid gave up(1)
Original image: Donnie Ray Jones
Whatever makes the whining stop!
6. Shirtless guy(1)
Original image: Tony Alter
Keepin’ it sweaty…
7. Moss(1)
8. Cliff(1)
It’s safe, right??
9. Older people(1)
Original image: Leo-seta
And you thought you were fit…
10. Views(1)
Original image: Tiffany Von Arnim
That’s what it’s all about
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