Girl Who Refused to Give Up Fight to Save Four Piglets Finally Won

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If you care about something enough, and never give up, sometimes you win.

For 18-year-old college student Izzy Ross, what she cared about were the lives of four piglets who were due for the slaughterhouse.

According to a story in Manchester Evening News, last year, the piglets were used for a college class, and school policy was that after they are no longer used they get sent to a slaughterhouse for food production. Ross, an animal care student, learned of this in her class when her teacher made a “joke” about them being turned into bacon when the class is done with them.

she started a small movement to save the pigs

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Ross didn’t find it funny. In fact, she started a small movement to save the pigs, enlisting her mom for help. But the movement grew and many students joined with her in protest. The story made its way to national news and even caught the attention of PETA, according to Manchester Evening News.

And then she had a breakthrough.

The Manchester Evening News reported in April that the school would grant the pigs “temporary reprieve” and are “reviewing the decision to slaughter the animals”. Soon after, the school agreed to meet with Ross and her mom to discuss the fate of the piglets. In the meeting, the school agreed to find a home for the piglets. They noted, however, that the future sale of animals for slaughter will remain school policy.

the school would grant the pigs ‘temporary reprieve’ and are ‘reviewing the decision to slaughter the animals’.

Hopwood Hall Farm. Photo: David Dixon

Hopwood Hall Farm. Photo: David Dixon

According to the report, “Izzy’s protests delayed them being sold and they became over market weight.”

The college released a statement in April explaining their livestock policy:

“Within the courses, there are agricultural and farming modules and as a college, we have a duty to support the learning needs of all our students. Animal dispatch, for which we rear animals specifically, is an integral part of these modules, especially for those who are looking to go into careers such as farming.”

“Raising animals for food in an ethical way is another key learning outcome on our courses. Animals that will be humanely dispatched are raised specifically for this purpose and students are made aware of this. ”

And in another statement they announced their decision to grant them reprieve:

“Over recent days there has been a campaign to save four pigs that were due to be humanly dispatched as part of animal management course. The topic has prompted some lively debate among students in tutorials and having listened to their views, and those of staff and the public, the college is now reviewing its decision.”

It’s been reported that the piglets may have already found a new home and are believed to be together.

Way to go, Izzy. You’ve made four piglets very happy and sent a powerful message.

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