This Unbelievable Hedgie Will Make You Flip Out!


Meet Humphrey J Hedgehog. This little guy is no ordinary hedgie. Humphrey goes on adventures all over and does all kinds of interesting things. Well, okay, maybe not really, but these amazing tiny little worlds someone created for him are spectacular. Take a look:

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Here’s Humphrey at a hip coffee shop probably in Seattle. The tiny laptop and coffee table book are so adorbs!

And here is toasting to the new year. Oh, Humphrey, you pop that tiny bottle of bubbly and find someone to kiss!

He also loves to watch the Superbowl with his hedgie buddies and sip on teeny tiny mugs of beer.

Humphrey chillaxin’ by the pool like a boss. Livin’ the dream, eh Humphrey?

Another superbowl for Humphrey. This time with tiny little pretzels zomg!

Working on your blog, litle hedgehog guy? You’re so cool and adorable.

That is one sick, bike. Humphrey loves his hog, but of course he wears a helmet. Even if it is a teeny tiny one.

Humphrey is also a painter. He has to hold the paintbrush in his mouth, but he’s still super talented! Look at that cool design!

Humphrey is a soccer fan. He must play for the U.S. hedgehog league!

Farmer Humphrey loves to pick fresh vegetables from the fields. It’s the simple life he truly loves.

In the winter, Humphrey goes looking for a thrill on his badass tiny snowmobile. Stay warm, little guy!

Check out Humphrey’s Facebook page here!
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