The 9 Types of Smart People – Which One Are You?


Intelligent people come in many varieties. In fact, it’s been said that there are nine types of intelligence that someone can have. You might not be good at math, but there’s a chance you’re intelligent in a completely different way. So before you go questioning your smarts just because you can’t win at chess, or you don’t know the capital of Denmark (it’s Copenhagen), read this list.

1. Logic and Math Smart

Always distracted? You might be a genius.

If you’re this type of smart, you probably were quick to learn how to count things, organize information, and perform mathematical calculations. You are like Spock, great at thinking and acting logically.

“Young adults with lots of logical intelligence are interested in patterns, categories, and relationships. They are drawn to arithmetic problems, strategy games and experiments.”Skyview
2. People Smart

people smart

If you have strong interpersonal intelligence then you’re gifted at sensing other people’s feelings and communicating with people. You get people and you know how to make them feel comfortable. You would make a great actor, politician, teacher, business person, and many other things. You’re a natural leader.

“Interpersonal intelligence guides our relationship with others. It’s about skillfulness around empathy, understanding, and connection.”
3. Nature and Animal Smart

nature smart

If you’re this type of smart, you’re very intelligent about nature, animals and your surroundings. You see things in nature that other people might not, and you can distinguish between different types of animals, trees, and other parts of the natural world.

“Today, naturalistic intelligence remains a vital component of roles like being a chef or botanist. This type of intelligence is also seen in the way consumers discriminate among products.”ExaminedExistence
4. Music Smart

music for the disabled

Do you always sing along perfectly to your favorite songs, able to remember the lyrics, melody, and rhythm with natural ability? Do you play an instrument? Do your friends envy your karaoke skills? If you’re musical smart, you’re one of those special intelligent people that can make beautiful music for the rest of the world to jam to and relax to.

“You’ll find that young adults with musical intelligence are frequently drumming, singing, or any other activity that demonstrates a melodic inclination.”ExaminedExistence
5. Philosophy Smart

philosophy smart

You have “existential intelligence” if you are able to think about deep thoughts like life and death and the meaning of life.

“Though not much discussion has been done about existential intelligence, it has also been called spiritual or moral intelligence. Those with high existential intelligence are deeply philosophical.”ExaminedExistence
6. Word Smart

hip hop quiz

If you have verbal-linguistic intelligence you are the one that’s good with words. You always know the perfect turn-of-phrase and your friends are impressed with your vocabulary. You could be a great writer, poet, or journalist. You might be the one who writes a speech for your friend’s wedding or helps students on their essays.

“Linguistic intelligence reflects the ability to read, write, tell stories, and learn languages, grammar, and syntax. Strengthen this ability by studying a new language, improving vocabulary, and writing.”Care2
7. Body Smart

body smart

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence is being smart physically. You might be into sports or just really enjoy yoga. You understand the mind-body relationship better than most and you know the importance of healthy living.

“People who possess this type of intelligence usually grow up to become craftspeople, dancers, surgeons, athletes, and other careers involving exceptional mind-body union.” –
8. Picture Smart

picture smart

Do you have spatial intelligence? If so, you’re probably great at art, photography, and building things. And you can probably move a couch around a living room like a pro.

“At a young age, people with high spatial intelligence are deeply entrenched in solving jigsaw puzzles or mazes, or they may be using up their extra time by daydreaming or drawing. Spatial intelligence is demonstrated mainly by “picture smart” people such as architects, sculptors, painters, pilots, and sailors.”
9. Self Smart


Finally, there’s intrapersonal intelligence. This is different than interpersonal intelligence. If you are self smart, it means you have a very keen sense of your self, your abilities, your thoughts, and your emotions.

“Intra-personal intelligence involves not only an appreciation of the self, but also of the human condition. It is evident in psychologist, spiritual leaders, and philosophers. These young adults may be shy. They are very aware of their own feelings and are self-motivated”Skyview

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