5 Things All Single Girls are Sick of Hearing


Why do people assume that you can’t be single and happy at the same time? Or that you need their brilliant advice for “finding someone”. There are some really tiring things people continually say to their single friends. Here are the top 5:


Not every girl WANTS a man. Maybe you’re single and proud! Or maybe you’re just not in a super big hurry. But people still can’t resist saying this, can they?
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Are you serious? People think Tinder is going to fill some hole in your empty life? Please. You don’t need to go looking for love on an app to be happy. That’s what Netflix is for.

Wow. Someone’s been reading too many young adult novels. No. Noboby hurt anybody. And if they did, there’s no WAY they’re going to continue to control your life, anyway.

Oh really? Why don’t YOU put YOURself out there. Waaaaay out there where no one can find you and have to listen to this BS. Kay? Kay.
Don't worry, you'll fnid a man

Ugh. First of all, being picky is a good thing. Second, SHUT UP. You can be single and happy. At least some people people can. Maybe not the people that say these kind of things.

So please stop assuming that being single is a bad thing, or that advice from someone is necessary. Share this if you agree!

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