12 Things You Need to Know When Loving a Strong Woman


To fall in love, or be in love with a strong woman can be one of the most amazing experiences. There is truly nothing in the world quite like a strong woman that knows how to be herself, even in a world full of people who try to keep her down.

That being said, for anyone who is falling in love with a strong woman, there are still 12 things that you absolutely need to know:

1. You must match her level.

Strong women understand that one of the keys to a healthy relationship is balance, and they won’t settle for anyone who isn’t a vibrational match. She gives it all in everything she does in life, and she expects the same from you. While your strengths might not be the same as hers, she appreciates what she saw in you from the start and wants you to always be yourself.

she gives it all in everything she does in life, and she expects the same from you.

2. She can express how she really feels

A strong woman knows that there is no reason to beat around the bush about how she truly feels. Holding things in simply will not serve you or her and she can straight up tell you what is bothering her, no game playing.
3. She expects you to pull your weight

The last thing a strong woman needs is lazy bum. A strong woman is driven and ambitious, she’s focused and her goals are clear. So get off the couch or she will likely leave you right where you sit.
4. She is secure in herself

Strong women are not afraid to show their true feelings. She is damn proud of who she is, no matter what she has been through. Because of this stability she has a way of making others feel insecure about their own choices and path in life, and so you’d better have your stuff figured out before you go looking for a relationship with her.

She is damn proud of who she is, no matter what she has been through.

5. She will hold things for you

A strong woman is strong both inside and out. She can tell immediately when your plate is full and you just can’t handle any more. A strong woman will hold your emotional burdens until the point where she thinks you’re ready to face them yourself.
6. She doesn’t mind being alone

Did you know a strong woman knows the difference between being alone and lonely? She’s mastered herself and will never start a relationship until she has overcome that “need for someone”. A strong woman will actually choose you to share her life with you, and knows it is your choice to share yours.

“Don’t be the kind of woman who needs a man, be the kind of woman a man needs”.
7. She has strong morals and values

A strong woman finds the balance between logic and following her heart and her passion. She is compassionate, courageous, and generous. She knows when she’s being taken advantage of and won’t stand for it. A strong woman knows her limits. She stays true to herself ensuring that she doesn’t indulge in things that will insult her very soul.
8. Her conversations are deep

A strong woman looks past simple pleasantries and trivial small talk. In fact, she’s naturally gifted at it, but she wants to see beyond your words to look a little deeper. Strong women find intelligent conversations stimulating and can’t get enough of learning new things.

Strong women find intelligent conversations stimulating

9. She isn’t afraid to be vulnerable.

A strong woman is very confident and this has been manufactured by strategically placing herself in situations that made her be courageous in order to achieve greatness. These happenings would have left her vulnerable, as she awaited the judgement and criticism of others. A strong woman recognizes that you have to put yourself out there in order to move yourself forward, no matter how many times you fall flat on your face.
10. She won’t stick around because she has to.

A strong woman doesn’t fall for guilt trips. She can forgive, but knows all too well that too many “I’m sorry’s” without real change is a clear sign that its time for her to continue on her way.

“Sometimes I’m sorry isn’t enough, you actually have to change”.
11. She respects herself and you better respect her too.

One thing about a strong woman is that she holds the same level of respect for others as she does herself. Disrespect her, and you are only hurting yourself.
12. A strong woman knows when to be weak.

The strongest women I have ever known are the ones who have completely destroyed themselves in order to start again.

The strongest women know when its time to lay down her sword, take off her mask and let her soul cry out. A strong woman truly knows when it is time to cocoon herself so that she may undergo serious change and emerge from her chrysalis to fly on the wings of new life. A strong woman knows that in her greatest weakness, she will also find her greatest strength.

This was adapted from truth-code.com under the creative commons license

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