10 Bizarre Phobias That Actually Exist


Spiders, sure. Heights? You betcha. But flutes? That’s a little different.

Here are the world’s weirdest phobias:

1. Everything

Panphobia, also called omniphobia, Pantophobia or Panophobia, is a medical condition known as a “non-specific fear”; the sufferer finds themselves in a state of fear but with no known target, and therefore no easy remedy. This fear is also closely related to schizophrenia. Listverse
2. Thinking

Phronemophobia – fear of thinking. “I think, therefore, I’m scared as f*#@. Seems like the shrink can’t recommend you “think happy thoughts” in this scenario.

Source: Satyakamk

Source: Satyakamk

3. Balloons

Globophobia. This phobia would make for a tough times at birthdays or waking up in a hospital with “get well” gifts. What if you painted smiley faces on them? Would that help?

Secret agent balloons are following you

Secret agent balloons are following you

4. Chins

Geniophobia is the fear of chins. These people must love beard season. Unless they also had a fear of beards. Jay Leno may have been the original source of this fear.

5. Belly Buttons

Omphalophobia is what it’s called. Your belly button kept you alive that whole time in the womb, so you kind of owe it. That lint buildup in some of them can get pretty scary, though.
6. Flutes

Aulophobia is the fear of flutes. Stay away from Celtic people and Ron Burgundy.



7. Success

Achievemephobia. Fear of success. Seems crazy, but being successful can be horrible sometimes. What if you’re successful at having achievemephobia? What then? Fearof.net
8. Money

Chrometophobia is the fear of money. What a great excuse for being broke. Also, Andrew Jackson was pretty scary so being afraid 20 dollar bills is understandable. But Ben Franklin was a boss.

Source: <a href=

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9. That somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you

Anatidaephobia is a real fear. “Anatidaephobics don’t necessarily need to be near a duck for their anxiety to manifest, their distress occurs because they simply believe that somewhere out there, no matter what they are doing, a duck is sitting there waiting and watching”FactualFacts.com

Not a duck, but c'mon. Free images, people. Source: Harald Hoyer

Not a duck, but c’mon. Free images, people. Source: Harald Hoyer

10. The Great mole rat

Zemmiphobia – This is the fear of the great mole rat. Suffers of Zemmiphobia believe the great mole rat is tapping their phone line and planning an attack, but, in reality, there are no documented cases of giant rats stalking humans. And although naked mole rats exist in Kenya and Ethiopia, they only average four to five inches long. Eating only roots and vegetables, these critters aren’t likely to make a go for your naked toes any time soon. Phobialist.com

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