Your Whole Life From Beginning to End in 36 GIFS

You’re born, and you have no idea wtf is going on


The world is a strange and scary place


Then it’s time to go to school, and you think that’s AWESOME

But that feeling wears off pretty quick


And the boredom sets in…


Later on, other feelings kick in. You’re excited for no reason…


And sometimes you throw a fit because no one understands you


You have meltdowns over the tiniest things…


Aaaaaaand you’re sad again


You become strongly attracted to other people


Noticing classmates in new ways…


Sex is literally all you can think about


Now it’s time for college and you are ready to PARTAY


And paying the price dearly


You remember why you’re actually at college


And you land a horrible entry level job


You’re too busy to hang out with friends…


And you cripple under the stress…


You’ve had enough of this, so you quit your job


…and you call mom and dad because you’re now broke


But hey, congratulations. You’re now an adult


But now you have to somehow find another job


And at some point, you come to realize that you are getting older


And you hate those young people now


And all of this is really depressing


You feel your life is slipping away…


You think you can’t take any more of this


Until you realize you’re not old at all…


You’re ready to take on the world


You might now have miniature versions of yourself that are just as badass as you were


Or your sharing your life with someone really special


And this person really gets you


You keep aging and realize you’re enjoying life now a lot more than you thought you would


You can now relax and enjoy all that you’ve done, and all you’ve seen, and all you’ve created


And you’re finally satisfied….


And it’s time to say goodbye.


And move on…

Now get out there an enjoy life!

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7 thoughts on “Your Whole Life From Beginning to End in 36 GIFS

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