Plumber Finds $50,000 Gold Brick, and Does This

plumber finds gold brick

A Calgary plumber was working on a bathroom when he found something unbelievable, according to a story by the Calgary Herald.

Plumber Alif Babul’s new apprentice, Dean Materi, saw something shiny coming from a pile of debris and took a closer look to see what it was. What he discovered was a gold brick worth $50,000.

The plumbers, who work at Perfection Plumbing & Gas, amazed at the gold brick, carrying the stamp of a jeweler on it, contacted the homeowner who says the gold was unaccounted for.

They said the brick was discovered under a tub in the bathroom, and believe may have have been been stashed around there at some point, but lost over time.

The plumbing company’s owner, Babul, believes strongly in doing the right thing, and this was not the first time that something like this has happened. The Herald reports that he has found “several rare Daredevil comics” in a previous job.

Babul gave the $50,000 brick back to the homeowner.

It’s easy to imagine how tempting it would be to keep the find to yourself, but it’s good to know that there are people who will always do the right thing.

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