10 Absurd Self-Help Books You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Disclaimer: Self-help books can be very helpful to many people, and the authors of these books are doing something good by writing books to help people.

But these titles are just too hilarious…

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1. 10 Seconds to Wealth – Tom Marcoux

There’s over-promising, and then there’s this. You can’t even tie your shoes in ten seconds.

2. 1-Day Diet – Jennifer Jolan

This is what happens when diet crazes compete for the shortest possible path to weight loss.

3. Lose Weight While You Sleep – Zita Stanley

Actually, THIS is what happens when diet crazes compete for the laziest weight loss method. Maybe it involves dreaming about running on a treadmill?

4. You Suck at Sex – Jess Kiden

To be fair, the readers of that book probably do.

5. I Will Not Forgive – Carmen Marie

For the reader who is always right about everything all the time.

6. Becoming Hank Moody – L.A. Moore

Hank Moody is the womanizing lead character from Showtime’s “Californication”. Maybe David Duchovny used this to get in character?

7. From Panic to Pageantry – Stacie Giancola

So, you mean like, beauty pageants? I mean, it’s good to be specific, but is pageantry the end goal of all who suffer from panic disorder?

8. Your Brain is Out to Screw You! – Steve Pronger

This guy must have been screwed pretty bad by his brain at some point in his life to make this bold assumption.

9. Vaporize Your Fear of Rejection – Tom Stone

Vaporize? Is this a self-help book for cartoon super-villains?

10. How Ugly Awkward Dancing Changes Everything – Christina Marlett

Somebody please explain this. Please.

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