12 Things Only Sarcastic People Will Understand

Donald Trump would make a great President. Going to the dentist is fun and exciting. That was sarcasm, and if you understood it, congratulations – you’re sarcastic. Read on for 12 more things only sarcastic people like you will understand!

1. Getting kicked out of class

Sarcastic people know how to drive teachers absolutely crazy. If you’re sarcastic, you’ve probably been told to “go sit out in the hall until you can learn to take this seriously”.

Sarcastic Selena Gomez

2. Fake compliments

You just can’t help yourself. You say things like, “You look sooooooo good in that romper”.

Sarcastic Fresh Prince

3. Making friends laugh uncontrollably

Out of nowhere, your friends burst into laughter when you open your mouth and make that perfectly timed sarcastic comment.

4. Sarcastic Facebook comments that no one understands

Your FB friend thinks those “compliments” on all of his “shirtless post-workout flexing” pics are for real. He “likes” them and you just quietly chuckle to yourself…

Sarcastic Cool Story Bro

5. Trying to be sincere and failing

Sometimes, you actually want to be sincere, genuine, and nice but people expect everything that comes out your mouth to be snark, and think you’re being sarcastic and get mad at you. So frustrating!

Sarcastic Simon Cowell

6. Making strangers laugh

Your funny comment while standing in line at Starbucks just made the random person in front of you chuckle. Congratulations, you have the power of sarcasm.

Sarcastic Sandra Oh

7. Failing miserably on first dates

It’s not that you’re an a**hole, you’re just being yourself. But sarcasm may not be the best way to win someone over on a first date.


8. Other sarcastic people

If your S.O. or best friend is sarcastic also, you two probably get along like two little sarcastic peas in a pod.

9. Thinking snarky things in secret

If only the bus passengers could hear your snarky internal monologue about them. Just keep it to yourself and no one gets hurt, right?

Sarcastic Matthew Perry

10. Never being enthusiastic

You really loved that Christmas present, but because you’re sarcastic and self-aware, you can’t bring yourself to express gratitude enthusiastically. You have to fake it. And the giver thinks you’re being sarcastic.

11. Unable to hold back laughter

Sometimes you’re too sarcastic for your own good. You laugh at awkward times as your sarcastic thoughts enter your mind. Just try not to laugh at funerals or your little sister’s piano recital, okay?

Sarcastic Joel Mchale

Gage Skidmore

12. Sarcasm

Well, it’s true. Only sarcastic people will understand sarcasm. You belonratug to an elite group of people all over the world who are making the world a more fun place to live. Congratulations!

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