12 Lego Sets From Your Childhood Selling for Thousands

Imperial Flagship

For those who remember, Lego was never about Star Wars. It was Pirates, Castle, Space, Town, Wild West, and Undersea Explorers. And when you were busy sticking the pieces in your nose, you had no idea these sets would one day go for tens of thousands of dollars.

Well now you can weep tears of bittersweet, melancholic nostalgia and regret when you see your childhood memories sold for unbelievable sums.

Black Sea's Barracuda

1. Black Sea’s Barracuda
Price: $2,500
Okay, this one was expensive when it came out, too.
Black Knight's Castle

2. Black Knight’s Castle
Price: $1,399.95
So badass!
Skulls Eye Schooner

3. Skull’s Eye Schooner
Price: $3,742.93
Do you feel old yet?
Black Monarch's Castle

4. Black Monarch’s Castle
Price: $2,692.36
These were so much fun….
Space Shuttle

5. Space Shuttle
Price: $2,178.35
Why couldn’t you just keep it in the box!
Forbidden Island

6. Forbidden Island
Price: $849.61
Ahhhhh Christmas morning in the early 90’s.
Rock Island Refuge

7. Rock Island Refuge
Price: $659.90
You must be feeling old by now.
Imperial Trading Post

8. Imperial Trading Post
Price: $1,250
It’s a down payment on a car.
Wolfpack Tower

9. Wolfpack Tower
Price: $599.45
They just don’t make them like this anymore…
Imperial Flagship

10. Imperial Flagship
Price: $1,017.75
The Lego Brits are coming!
Fort Legoredo

11. Fort Legoredo
Price: $560.99
Who needed friends when you had this??
Leo's Castle

12. Leo’s Castle
Price: $1,279.70
Remember all the boobytraps? Ahhhh so much fun!

Well I hope you learned your lesson, and will not be letting Junior take his toys out of the box. Now go find your old toy chest and start making big kid bucks!

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