Lost Childhood Cat Returns to Boy 12 Years Later

lost cat returns

Sometimes miraculous things happen.

In Morinville, Alberta, a cat that was lost 12 years ago was returned to a boy that now has a family of his own, according to a story reported by CBC News.

The cat, Oscar, was found roaming the streets a few days before Christmas. He was clearly in rough shape and very thin.

When he was turned in to a local verterinary clinic, the staff noticed a tattoo on his ear that identified him from his first vet visit. The tattoo allowed the clinic manager, Elyse Prince to go through old records and locate the cat’s owner.

“The owner was happy to see the cat after so long. He was a boy when he had last seen him, and the little girl he was with was so excited to take the cat home,” Prince said.

Prince suspects that Oscar does remember his family, as he was purring and looked happy to see his owner.

Oscar survived for a long time on the streets, it appears. Prince said he was fed and cared for by members of the Morinville community.

Still, it’s surprising that a cat can survive that long on their own, and even more surprising that they could end up back in the arms of the same boy that originally took him in so long ago.

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