Turn Your Swag Switch on – Get Confidence Instantly


Ever wish you could just flip a switch and get confidence and be cool? Guess what? You can! Just follow these 5 easy steps to turn your swag switch on:

1. Ground Yourself

Take 5 slow, deep breaths. Doing this will release the tension built up and ease the anxiety that’s hidden inside you.

2. Thought Control

Now that you’re grounded, start ignoring the negative thoughts in your head, and start focusing on the positive. Think about how great it is to be alive. Think about how lucky you are to be here, in the middle of the most exciting and interesting world. Focus on these thoughts.

3. Own the Space

Look around and notice your surroundings. Realize that you own the room, you own the space. Act like it. Don’t hunch, don’t fold your arms. Stand tall, take up space, and walk like you own the room. As far as anyone’s concerned, you do own it.

4. Talk Like a Boss

Get confidence by speaking slowly, and with purpose. Be comfortable with silence. Think before you talk, and speak as if you’re absolutely certain of everything you say. When you’re talking to someone, make eye contact. Practice honesty. Say how you feel, and don’t worry too much about about being nice. Be honest.

5. Act Like a Boss

The final part of turning your swag switch on, is to combine all of these things into your everyday attitude and behavior. Ground yourself by breathing, ignore negative thoughts, own the space around you with your body language, speak with purpose and honesty, and now go out and take on that big, exciting world.

The Leader

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