4 Lifelike Robots That Will Freak You Out

1. HR-Hex

The biologically-inspired HR-Hex, hexapedal robot runs on six legs. Designed by the University of Pennsylvania’s Kod*lab, these robots are highly mobile. They can run, jump, and even flip over. Modeled after insects, the six legged robot has at least three legs touching the ground during high-speed movements. Check out this video.
2. AMBER 2

The AMBER 2 robot designed and fabricated at the A&M Bipedal Experimental Robotics Lab at Georgia Tech is a human-like walking robot expected to advance humanoid robotics for space exploration, disaster response, and elderly assistance. Check it out here.
3. The Gemini

The Gemini-Scout Mine Rescue Robot developed by Sandia National Laboratories through a National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health sponsored program functions primarily as a scout, carrying a payload of analytical equipment, it’s own lighting system, and several observational cameras. It travels using track propulsion with an articulated body that allows it to climb, go through water, up stairs, and through small openings. Watch the video.

The SAFFiR shipboard firefighting humanoid robot built in cooperation with engineers at Virginia Tech is expected to operate fire extinguishers, fire hoses, throw propelled extinguishing agent technology grenades, and interact with humans. The right combination of motors, gears, wire harnesses, and controllers allow this robot to maintain it’s balance while moving naturally. Check it out.

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