12 Things That Have Nothing to do With Donald Trump

We’re all super tired of seeing the Donald in every headline, so here are 10 things that have absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump. Enjoy the well-deserved break!

1. Airplane Landing Gear

Not Trump1

These are important. And they’re not Trump.
2. A Used Lady and the Tramp DVD

Not Trump2

Probably a good deal on Ebay.
3. Dave Coulier

Not Trump3

Beloved man. Unlike Trump.
4. A Subway Turnstile

Not Trump 4

Just a thing that does things.
5.McSalad Shakers

Not Trump4

McNot McTrump.
6. An Armadillo

Not Trump 5

Or an “armadilluh” if you’re from the South.
7. A Paper Napkin

Not Trump7

Just as effective as those $40 ones your Grandma has.
8. A Multi-Plug

Not Trump5

Very useful and therefore very much not you-know-who.
9. A Nimbus Cloud

Not Trump6

That type of cloud that looks like a cloud.
10. A Scrunchie

Not Trump8

Trump needs one.
11. Apollo 11

Not Trump9

We put a man on the MOON, and we can’t pick a better candidate?
12. A French Stop Sign

SAINT-BLAIS-SUR-RICHELIEU, QUE.: MAY 16, 2011-- A stop sign at an intersection in a flooded neighbourhood in Saint-Blais-Sur-Richelieu, 60 kilometres south-east of Montreal on Monday, May 16, 2011. Consistent rains have once again increased the water levels of the Richelieu river in southern Quebec.       (Dario Ayala / MONTREAL GAZETTE)

French people have rules too.

Now go enjoy your day.

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