Vermont Company is Selling Bernie Sanders Underwear

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According to a story from the Associated Press, a Vermont company has started selling Bernie Sanders underwear. That is, underwear with an image of Bernie Sanders and the slogan, “Feel the Bern” printed on it.

Three employees from KSE Partners, a strategic communications firm, are the brilliant minds behind the idea, according to They thought it would be a fun side business, and they support the Senator’s views – they meant no insult. The mail-order service will offer both men’s briefs and women’s underwear. They will cost $15.

The company also supports veterans. According to their website, Bernie’s Briefs donated 100% of profits to the Yellow Ribbon fund on Veteran’s Day. And year round, 2% of their profits will be donated to the fund.

Mr. Sanders’ underwear has been somewhat of a hot topic of media interest, ever since confirming that he prefers briefs over boxers in a TV interview with Ellen. For some reason, we can’t seem to get Bernie Sanders’ underwear off our mind.

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