The Top 5 Most Famous Mustaches in History

Let’s get right to it, folks. Happy Movember and here are the top 5 most famous mustaches in history.

1. Milk

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The “milk mustache” is simply gross milk residue left on your upper lip after taking a big swig of milk. However, a clever advertising campaign we all know and (love/hate?) created in the early nineties for a California milk board took off and the slogan was licensed nationally.

The ads have even caused controversy. California Governor Gray Davis once asked to have one of the TV commercials pulled because he deemed it frightening to children.

2. The Selleck

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Close your eyes and think of Tom Selleck. What do you see? Exactly. Tom Selleck’s mustache is iconic. Tom Selleck’s mustache has its own Facebook page, actually. You can see it here.

If you can’t grow a mustache like Selleck, don’t worry. You probably can’t be as tall and ruggedly handsome, either.

3. Sam Elliot

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If there was a talking mustache it would the one on Sam Eliot’s face. The cowboy actor’s voice matches his ‘stache to perfection, and he’s nailed every man’s man cowboy character he’s played thanks to it.

It’s really more than a mustache. It’s almost…. man-tusks.

Want to see Sam Eliot without a mustache? Click here.

4. John Waters

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That creepy little line sitting just on top of film director John Waters’ lip is what’s known as a pencil mustache. Waters owns the pencil mustache and it seems like the perfect fit for him somehow.

Apparently, Waters trims it and then applies makeup to it to make it look more prominent. That makes perfect sense, now, doesn’t it?

5. The Charlie Chaplin

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The “toothbrush mustache” where the sides were shaved off, leaving a little square ‘stache no wider than the nose, was a common style in the old days. The comedian Charlie Chaplin was known for this, and so was another person, a very, very bad man. But we’re gonna give Chaplin the credit.

Chaplin believed the mustache made him appear more comical, without hiding his expression. Unfortunately, that very bad man mentioned earlier stole it and made it so none of us can ever emulate Chaplin and wear this mustache style without a bit of controversy.

So there you have it. Did we miss any mustaches? Let us know what you think should be added to this list!

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