Abused Dog Beaten With Hammer Given New Life by “Mother Teresa” of Animals


A young pitbull named “Loki” that was severely beaten with a hammer in October by her owner in Missoula, Montana has found a new home, according to a story reported by the Missoulian.

Last month, the abused dog’s owner, Shawn Patrick Finberg, was attempting to kill the dog with the hammer, but was noticed by neighbors. Finberg was sentenced to jail for 15 days, and Loki taken to Missoula Animal Control, where she would stay for weeks.

This is where a veterinary technician named Hether Sheppard found her and formed an immediate bond with the suffering and injured young dog. After spending the first 24 hours in a cage with Loki (later renamed “Lucky Lovey”), comforting her, Sheppard knew what she had to do.

Lucky Lovey, the abused dog, now lives happily on Sheppard’s farm with other animals, while she heals both physically and emotionally from the wounds caused by her former owner.

According the Missoulian, Sheppard is akin to a “Mother Teresa” of animals. On her farm, there are a variety of animals that she has taken in to care for. Many of them are wounded, or suffering in some way.

Thanks to Sheppard, Lucky Lovey gets a new home and new life.

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